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Powerful management reporting, detailed accounting capabilities, flexibility and control best describe the Sage MAS 90 Job Cost module. This module is specifically developed for general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers in construction and project-oriented industries. In today’s competitive market, with profit margins getting tighter, the Job Cost module is an essential management tool for keeping a close eye on job profitability.Job Cost gives you the ability to track cost and revenue information down to fine detail for every job (project). Powerful sub-modules including Project Estimating, Billing and Time and Materials Invoicing are built in to streamline the entire process. Know where your bid proposals and projects stand with up-to-the-minute status reports.Project estimating allows you to calculate estimated costs in preparation for a proposal. Maintain a masterfile of standard material and labor costs used to base estimates upon. After a proposal is accepted, you can easily transfer estimate information to establish budgets for the new job. Once in progress, analyze actual to budget costs, allowing adjustments to maintain profitability throughout the job. Whether you invoice on a completed contract or a percentage of completion, Job Cost will handle all billing requirements.Sage MAS 90 Job Cost’s integration with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Inventory Management, Purchase Order Processing and General Ledger ensures your ability to share common information required in an efficient Job Cost system. Controlling costs is key to success. Don’t start a job without Sage MAS 90 Job Cost! Reports
  • Job Field Report Register
  • Job Posting Register
  • Daily Overhead Allocation Register
  • Daily Transaction Register
  • Job Billing Selection Register
  • Job Invoice
  • Job Billing Register
  • Job Estimate
  • Job Estimate Materials Report
  • Job Estimate by Cost Code Report
  • Job Masterfile Listing
  • Job Schedule Report
  • Job Analysis Report
  • Work In Process Report
  • Job Cost Code Detail Report
  • Subcontractor Analysis Report
  • Job Billing History Report
  • Job Billing Recap Report
  • Job Profitability Report
  • Monthly Overhead Allocation Report
  • Job Close-Out Report
  • Job Transaction Detail Report


Flexible Numbers

Up to seven characters may be used to designate a job. Large jobs may be broken into “sub-jobs.”

Flexible Cost Codes

Phases, steps or other categories may be designated using up to nine characters in three segments.

Flexible Cost Types

Each cost code may be further detailed with up to 12 user-defined cost types, such as labor, overhead, burden, materials, etc.

Overhead and Burden Allocation

Overhead costs are automatically allocated to the job based upon the percentage of work in process. Overhead may be applied on a daily or monthly basis. Burden allocation is the indirect cost associated with labor expenses (i.e., union contributions or employer’s tax) which are difficult to allocate to a specific job. Burden is calculated as a percentage of direct wages or on a cost-per-hour basis.

Work-In-Process Accounting

Use when all expenses related to jobs still in progress are posted to a work-in-process asset account in General Ledger. When a job is completed, the total unbilled cost for the job is relieved from work-in-process and posted to cost-of-goods sold.

PercentageCompletion or Completed Contract

Either of these accounting methods may be used for each job. Percentage Completion will recognize the revenue and cost of sale at the time a job is billed. With Completed Contract, the revenue and cost of sales are not recognized until the job has been completed.

Estimates forProposals and Bids

Estimate information may be entered for bids using information from the Estimate Pricing Files. You may establish templates to use for new estimates. When a contract has been accepted, the estimate information may be transferred to the new job to establish budgets. Estimates may be printed in detail or summary form.

Contract and Subcontract History

Contract information is retained to show the original contract amounts and any change orders. Change orders may also be tracked for each subcontract established for a job.

Job Transaction Detail Report

Transaction detail is provided for all postings for each job. The detail information may be retained for the life of the job or summarized on a monthly basis.

Time and MaterialsInvoices

Invoices may be printed with cost detail information on standard or user-defined custom invoice forms. Billing amounts may be based upon the price per unit or markup over cost. Invoices may be printed in batch form or individually. Invoices for fixed contract jobs may also be printed.

Accounts Receivable Integration

Invoices may be entered, printed and updated to Accounts Receivable. Retention may be tracked for each customer.

Accounts PayableIntegration

Invoices may be expensed directly to jobs. Retention may be tracked for each vendor.


Wages may be expensed directly to jobs. Labor expenses may be posted in detail by employee or summarized by pay period. Burden may be calculated and applied to labor costs.

Inventory Management Integration

Direct costs associated with materials allocated to a job may be posted directly for any issue transactions entered through Transaction Entry.

Purchase OrderIntegration

Job cost information may be entered for open purchase orders. Receipt of goods and invoices allow for direct entry of job numbers and cost codes.

Job Posting Entry

Cost postings, billing entries and cash receipts may be entered directly to jobs for adjustments or “stand-alone” processing.

Subcontractor Analysis Report

Contract and cost detail is printed by vendor. A detailed transaction history of cost postings (by invoice number) and payments (by check number) may also be included. Lien amounts and release dates may be traced for each subcontractor.

Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Reconciliation | Bar Code Master | Bill of Materials | Customizer Module
F9 Module | General Ledger | Inventory Management | Import Module | Job Cost | Materials Requirement Plan
Payroll | Purchase Order Module |Sales Order Module | Work Order Module | Sage MAS 90 Product Description

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