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Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Reconciliation | Bar Code Master | Bill of Materials | Customizer Module
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The MAS 90® For Windows® Accounts Receivable module provides you the information you need to run a well-organized cash management program by tracking receivables and planning cash flow. It also provides you with extensive management information and reporting features. This module contains a highly powerful, yet easy-to-use invoicing function which allows a company to prepare invoices and billings within the system. The Accounts Receivable module will also automatically prepare customer/client statements on demand. In addition to being a comprehensive stand-alone module, the Accounts Receivable module integrates with the Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Job Cost and Bank Reconciliation modules. Reports
  • Repetitive Invoice Listing
  • Customer Invoices
  • Sales Journal
  • Gross Profit Journal
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Daily Transaction Register
  • Customer Listing
  • Customer Mailing Labels
  • Customer Memos
  • Aged Invoice Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash Expectation Report
  • Customer Sales Analysis
  • Sales Analysis by Salesperson
  • Salesperson Commission Report
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Monthly Cash Receipts Report
  • Invoice History Report
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Invoice History Printing
  • Finance Charge Journal
  • Customer Statements
  • Customer Edit Register
  • General Ledger Posting Recap
  • Customer Masterfile Audit Report
  • Crystal Reports® Integration - Using Crystal Reports templates, you can customize the most popular reports in this module.


Divisional Accounting

Receivables for each division can be assigned a separate Accounts Receivable General Ledger account. All reports can provide divisional subtotals.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Deposits can be processed for up to 36 bank accounts per company. Cash transactions can be auto matically posted to the Bank Reconciliation module.
Balance-Forward or Open-Item Customers All Accounts Receivable can be processed on a balance-forward or open-item basis, or the open-item or balance-forward method can be assigned to individual customers.


Customer memos can be entered and maintained for individual customers. Full text-editing capabilities include word wrap, cut, paste and delete functions. Memos can be displayed and maintained directly from the Invoice Data Entry and Cash Receipts Entry programs. Customer information such as address, terms and sales history can be quickly accessed for inquiry purposes only. A search feature can be used to locate the customer by name, sort field, zip code or telephone number.


New Customers, Terms Codes, Salesperson Codes, Sales Tax Codes and Sales Codes can be added “on-the- Entry fly” to provide uninterrupted entry of information in all data entry programs.

Customer Delete/Renumber/Merge

This program allows you to delete, renumber or merge existing Customer Numbers, using wildcard characters to mask selected groups of Customer Numbers. Changes are made in files where the specific number is referenced and are recorded in a Delete, Renumber, Merge Log File.

Customer Masterfile Audit

An audit trail of any changes made to the Accounts Receivable Customer Masterfile is provided. The Masterfile Audit Customer Report is used to audit any changes, deletions or additions to the Customer Masterfile. This report prints changes made to data fields, changes created “on-the-fly”, and notes the date and User Code or Terminal ID. The Audit Report can be printed for a specific range of User Codes/Terminal IDs and transaction dates.
Repetitive Invoice Processing Repetitive billing such as membership fees, maintenance contracts and rent can be automatically processed.

Invoice Entry

Invoices can be entered for customers or for cash sales. Due dates, discount due dates, discount amounts and commission amounts are automatically calculated. Sales codes can be used to obtain price and cost of goods sold information. Any number of sales codes, miscellaneous charges and comment lines can be entered for each invoice.

Invoice History Printing

This program is used to print History Invoices for a range of Customer Numbers, Invoice Numbers and Invoice Dates. You can choose to reprint Accounts Receivable, Job Cost and Sales Order invoices separately or all at once using the same form code. You can choose to print only unpaid invoices for Open Item Customers to allow for printing of past due invoices for collection purposes.

Cash Receipts Processing

Cash receipts can be automatically applied against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. Miscellaneous cash receipts can be posted directly against General Ledger accounts, and any prepayments against invoices not yet recorded can also be processed.

Statement Printing

Statements for a billing cycle (e.g., monthly or quarterly) can be printed on standard or custom forms for all customers or for a specific group of customers. In addition, statements can be printed based upon a minimum balance. Standard messages and dunning messages for delinquent customers can also be included.

Cash Expectation Report

Future cash receipts can be forecast using three user-defined aging categories. Options are available to forecast requirements based upon whether or not discounts are applied. Requirements can also be forecast based upon the average-days-to-pay information for individual customers.

Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Reconciliation | Bar Code Master | Bill of Materials | Customizer Module
F9 Module | General Ledger | Inventory Management | Import Module | Job Cost | Materials Requirement Plan
Payroll | Purchase Order Module |Sales Order Module | Work Order Module | Sage MAS 90 Product Description

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