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Within a manual accounting system, payroll preparation is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks. However, in-house payroll preparation can be a snap when you use the Sage MAS 90 Payroll module.At a fraction of the cost and time of a manual payroll system or outside service bureau, the Payroll module can apply employee earnings and deductions, automatically calculate employee and employer payroll taxes, and print checks and vouchers complete with year-to-date earnings and tax information. At the end of each quarter and year, the respective payroll reports and W-2 forms required by various tax authorities can be printed. All current Federal and State tax tables are included with the Payroll module, and city or local taxes can be easily entered. Extensive information is maintained for each employee, including birthdate, emergency contacts, review dates and comments, marital and tax status, year-to-date earning and deduction amounts, as well as vacation, sick day, and other benefit accruals. One of the powerful features of the Sage MAS 90 Payroll module is its ability to process earnings for more than one tax jurisdiction (state or local) for each employee per pay period, produce a single paycheck, and retain the information for later disclosure on quarterly reports and W-2 statements. Reports
  • Payroll Data Entry Audit Report
  • Earnings and Deduction Reports
  • Earnings and Deduction Registers
  • Perpetual Deduction History Report
  • Benefits Register Consolidated Deduction History Report
  • Labor Distribution Report
  • Pension Plan History Report
  • Direct Liability Report
  • Benefit Accrual Report
  • Employer’s Expense Summary
  • Workers’ Compensation Report
  • Pre-Check Register
  • Quarterly Governmental Report
  • Checks and Stubs
  • Quarterly 941 Forms
  • Check Register
  • W-2 Forms
  • Daily Transaction Register
  • Tax Table Listing
  • Employee Listing
  • General Ledger Posting Recap
  • Employee Mailing Labels
  • Direct Deposit Register
  • Employee Memos
  • Employee Masterfile Audit Report
  • Quarterly Tax Report
  • Perpetual History Report
  • Payroll Check History Report
  • Pay Rate Change Report
  • Quarterly Pay Period Recap


Multiple Departments

Employees can be assigned individually to one of more than 1,000 departments, and departmental subtotals can be included on reports. Also, earnings and employer tax expenses can be posted by department to separate General Ledger accounts.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Paychecks can be processed for up to 36 bank accounts for each company. Payroll transactions can be automatically posted to the Sage MAS 90 Bank Reconciliation module.

Federal and State Tax Tables

Current federal and state tax information is available online. Local taxes can be added, and tax tables can be modified. In addition, State Of The Art offers annual federal and state tax table updates.
Security by Department Security by Department can be used to create an additional level of security on a department by department basis. A list of authorized users or groups can be defined for each department. If a user attempts to access a screen or report for which they are not authorized, a “NOT AUTHORIZED” message box will appear.

Multiple Earnings Distribution

Earnings can be distributed to any combination of state, locality, department, job category, and Workers’ Compensation codes. When Payroll is integrated with the Sage MAS 90 Job Cost module, earnings can also be distributed to individual jobs.

Earnings/Deduction Information Tracking

Earnings and deduction information can be tracked on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis for each employee.

Automatic Application of Earnings and Deductions

Salaried and hourly employees who work a standard number of hours can have their earnings and deductions automatically applied.

Multiple State/Local Processing

Earnings and appropriate taxes can be included, representing multiple state and local tax jurisdictions on the same check. Unemployment deductions can be withheld from a state other than the one in which an employee lives.
Direct Deposit The Direct Deposit process allows each employee to distribute their net pay to up to eight separate bank accounts. A Direct Deposit Register can be printed, as well as Direct Deposit Stubs or voided checks.

Manual Checks/Check Reversal

Manually written checks can be processed, and previously recorded checks can be reversed. Up to 10 separate checks per employee can be entered per pay period.

Accommodation for 401(k) Pension Cafeteria Plan, and Fringe Benefits

Automatic deductions for 401(k) Pensions and Cafeteria Plans are performed during check processing. Withholding taxes that should be reduced are user-defined. Non-monetary compensation (fringe benefits) can be recorded and printed on W-2 forms.

Benefit Accrual

Vacation, sick time and other designated benefits are accrued and tracked automatically by the system. A Benefits Register can be printed each pay period and a Benefit Accrual Report can be printed at any time to provide a listing of accrued benefit information for each employee.

Management and Tax Reports

Quarterly and annual reports provide detailed information on earnings, deductions, vacation/sick time and other benefit accrual, employee and employer taxes, and Workers’ Compensation amounts.

941 and Quarterly Pay Period Recap Report

Payroll wages and taxes per pay period and department are summarized for the current quarter.

W-2 Four-Per-Page

A real time saver at W-2 preparation time! This feature of the Payroll module allows W-2s to beprinted on a four-per-page W-2 form, which eliminates having to collate multiple copies. Sage MAS 90 Payroll also prints W-2s in other popular formats.

Payroll Expense and Tax Accruals

Payroll Expense and Tax Accruals allow the update of payroll postings to the General Ledger to be based on the period when the work was actually performed. If the current pay period falls partially or wholly in a month different than the system date, wage expense, tax expense and accruals can be posted on a percentage basis. The calculated percentage is based upon the system date and pay period end date and can be manually overwritten.

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Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Reconciliation | Bar Code Master | Bill of Materials | Customizer Module
F9 Module | General Ledger | Inventory Management | Import Module | Job Cost | Materials Requirement Plan
Payroll | Purchase Order Module |Sales Order Module | Work Order Module | MAS 90 Product Description

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