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SellWise Features

SellWise v97.1

  • The option "3 - Change Qty Only:" has been added to the "Order/Receive" security under the "Sales, Codes, Securtiy" function.
  • Fixed an error in nickel rounding.
  • Can now pay a layaway payment with a credit card.
  • Added flexibility to GST Tax
  • Can now enter a Sales Codes for each line item on a invoice.
  • Added global error handler system.
  • The Kits screen now displays a price for each kit item and a total price for the kit.
  • The user can now define the supplimental "Endorsement" text that prints on a check.
  • Paid outs are now passed from SellWise to CAP Accountant with the correct data.
  • The GST/VAT tax summary line that SellWise prints on invoices now includes the tax rate.
  • The utility to increase the price of all inventory items by a dollar amount has been fixed.
  • Simplified installation on a network.
  • "Do Want To Add Another (Y/N)?" message added to the Add function in Names, Inventory, and Vendors.
  • SellWise now Monitors the amount of cash in the cash drawer and provides a "cash drop" function.
  • Can now use ICVerify to verify checks.
  • When editing or entering a PO item SW now checks to see if the quantity entered is a multiple of the Qty/Pack value. If it's not SW will alert the user and return to the Quantity field.
  • At the sales screen can now hit F10 to go to tender screen.
  • The user now has the option of sending or not sending a persons address with a credit card authorization request.

CAP SellWise v96.3

  • Pop up look up windows for Department and Vendor Codes. This eliminates errors from entering wrong code. Saves time.
  • Rejects invalid dept. and vendor codes.
  • Saves previous city, state and ZIP when adding vendors.
  • Edit sale now allows discounts from 0 to 100%
  • Department report has department description instead of the department code. For Example, General Merchandise rather than G.
  • Security by sales for all operations. Extremely flexible.
  • Sales report by name, summary, can show a negative amount for profit.
  • Short Cut sales codes can be used in place of sales codes.
  • Corrected phone number to 800 826-5009
  • Optional pause before printing the EDC copy.
  • An item with blank tax code always posts to non-taxed sales.
  • Configuration change Sales Code handles new Sales Code permissions correctly.
  • Inventory list speed maximized.

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