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Quick Check

Version 96.5


  • A CHECK BOOK MANAGER: Print complete checks quickly and mind your checking account. The balance is always instantly available. Just select B at the Main Menu. Reconciling is a simple, push-button operation. This is a good introduction to personal computing.
  • BOOKKEEPING: Produce lists of checks and deposit, an Income and Expense Statement, pay records, and reports for income tax. Income can be reported in categories for better understanding. It's a complete, single entry, bookkeeping system. You need no previous experience with computers or bookkeeping.
  • PAYABLES: This is a quickest way to pay bills. Checks are printed at your command. The checks are complete, down to the reference and address. You just sign them and insert in window envelopes! The payment amount, reference and balance are maintained for each account. Quick Check cuts bill paying from hours to minutes.
  • RECEIVABLES: Add invoices and payments to accounts and quickly get detailed reports on account activity and balance. Send statements on plain paper or forms.

    Quick Check works with SellWise, CAP POS and RIP if you want to print invoices, control inventory, create purchase orders, contact customers and analyze sales.


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