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Polling allows one to track sales and other information, send and recieve email, send new inventory to and receive new names from multiple stores at one central HUB. The program is called SWCommune. The new release has the following fixes, changes, and improvements.

  • At startup SWCOMMUN now resets the communication port and modem. This feature was added to take control of the modem after programs like ICVerify have run and won't release the com port and modem.
  • SWCommune now writes out to the Night Log "NITELOG.CAP" as it goes through it's routine. This allows easier tracking of SWCommune's activity should the need arise.
  • SWCommune now will perform an update if a conflect occurres during an Inventory insert (add). NOTE: This means that any store inventory item entered at the store that has a Stock Locator number that is in conflict with a HUB Stock Locator mumber will be overwritten during polling.
  • Version 97.1 of SWCommune will now lower its baud rate as the number tries at connecting to a store increases. On the first try SWCommune uses the baud rate specified in the configuration. On the second try it drops down to 2400 baud. On all other tries it drops to 1200 baud. This new feature is a HUB operation only and does not effect the store's baud rate.
  • Version 97.1 of SWCOMMUN no longer allows polling accross days. For example, 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM is an invalid time range. A SellWise polling day is 12:00 midnight to 11:59:59 PM.
  • During polling the store will see search data messages on the screen during the Send Names and Send Time Clock operations. Other status messages were added to keep the user informed of the polling's progress.
  • When polling, the HUB now sends to the store the store's last successful polling date and time. The store uses this information to restrict data sent during polling to only that data that was added or changed on or after the last polling date.
  • A "HQ To Store Communications" screen has been added to the configuration module (swconfig). This screen provides the user with the ability to setup the Headquarter's (HUB) communication options. This operation appears on the Configuration menu screen as 7 HQ To Store Communications.
  • The menu item on the Configuration menu screen has been changed to "9 Define Other Stores" from "Other Stores."
  • User will be unable to selected "9 Define Other Stores" if the HQ To Store Communications option "H Is This Headquarters (Y/N)" is set to NO.
  • The Other Store screen has been redesigned and includes the following items. It now easier to read with the fields divided into logical groups.
    • Default values are now inserted when the user adds a store.
    • Default values include default polling start and end times.
    • Screen now performs validation checks on the polling times.
    • Screen will only allow polling times within the HUB's polling times.
    • Pressing F10 accepts the screen's data, Esc cancels the changes.
  • The "F5 Send Email" function now correctly formats the Email message sent to the other stores during polling.

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