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CAP Automation - SellWise

CAP SellWise software works the way real people do. CAP's focus is retail management, mail order and accounting. Our new CAP HQ manages a chain of stores from a central office.

We give you instant answers to help you manage smarter and make more money.

CAP has developed business software since 1977. We do inventory control, POS (point-of-sale), order entry and back office operations, in real time, for single and chain stores. CAP manages from the bar code to the bottom line.

CAP software works with PC compatible computers. It is ideal for the IBM SureOne, IBM 4694, Casio SuperBoard, Omron KeyPOS, Indiana Cash Drawer System 1 and ICRDA computers.

CAP Automation Corporate Profile


CAP Automation, a Texas corporation since 1978, develops quality business software. We partner with manufacturers, other software companies and value added resellers to deliver complete business solutions. CAP SellWise is rated #1 by the Business Software News. CAP Accountant is loved by people that hate accounting.

Hardware Configurations

CAP software operates with many hardware configurations so you can have the system best suited for the your needs.

For example, integrated sales stations (sometimes referred to as 'terminals'), PCs with POS peripherals and work stations can share 'live' data using networks. An ECR (electronic cash register) can operate stand alone and at a great distance from the back office. Data can be exchanged with a PC using serial communications periodically.

Instant Answers for Peak Profits

The back office, where instant information is used to support decisions and optimize operations, can exchange information with accounting software and office suites. These suites, e.g., Microsoft Office, bring the power of word processing, spread sheets, database queries, presentations and scheduling to the reports and operations already included in CAP software. The book, "Automation Pays!", available from CAP is an excellent look at the benefits of automating with both success and horror stories.

System Requirements

CAP software runs in the proven DOS environment and in the latest graphical, multi-tasking systems. CAP True32 code is the most powerful software available today. It requires a 32 bit operating system, e.g., Windows 95 or NT.

CAP Software

SellWise Complete retail store manager. Includes point-of-sale, back-office, bar code scan and print, inventory control, real time reports, contact management, ordering and receiving.
SellWise Executive The #1 rated (by Business Software News) store manager. Manage front counter and back office operations. All the features of SellWise plus: Track serial numbers. Size and color matrix. Executive reports. SAFE network protection. Variance report.
CashN'Carry Like SellWise but without customer tracking and contact management. Strictly for fast moving, over-the-counter, sales.
Network File and Record Locking Available for all of the above so many people can use the same information and do the same operations at the same time.
CAP Commun The central office automatically calls stores according to your schedule and gets sales, customer and employee time and attendance information. It sends inventory file maintenance.
CAP Sales Consolidator Consolidates sales files, after polling, to permit consolidated sales reports for all stores.
CAP HQ (Headquarters) manages chain store operations with information exchanged through phone lines. Headquarters gets complete sales, inventory, employee hours and stock transfer information from each remote site. Headquarters can maintain inventory at sites and manage stock transfers. Sites can see quantity on hand at all other sites as of last polling.
CAP POS and Quick Register Low cost, entry level, store management.
CAP ESM (Electronic Stock Manager) processes and sends orders to suppliers, receives the resulting invoices and automatically maintains inventory.
ICVERIFY processes payments; credit card draft capture, check authorization and other forms of electronic funds transfer.
CAP Accountant and Quick Check Easy ways to do the accounting that is necessary; reconcile a checking account, pay the bills, collect money and produce financial reports.
Store Traffic Count Records the date and time for each opening of a switch. The switch can be mounted on the front door, or any moving object, that you want to monitor. The data can be presented as a bar chart of actions per hour. Helps optimize store staff and profit.
Best Deal Calculates the quantity to buy to get the best deal when sales people offer specials. For example, 1 case for $20, 10 cases for $18 or 25 cases for $14.50. Which is the best deal. Based on the sales rate for the past 12 months, the cost of money, the time to recoup the investment and promotional pricing. Very powerful for liquor stores and many other retail stores that get special offers from vendors.
SWVary Store Inventory Check/Variance.

Markets Served

CAP Is Working In These Stores And More

Apparel & Accessory Stores Art Dealers Bicycles Shops Boat Dealers Book Stores Camera & Photographic Candy, Nut & Confectionery Stores Car Audio Catalog & Mail-Order Houses Chain Stores Children's & Infants' Wear Stores Cigarette & Cigar Stores Computer & Computer Software Stores Dairy Products Stores Deli'sDrug Stores & Proprietary Stores Electronics Stores Family Clothing Stores Furniture Stores General Merchandise Stores Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Golf Stores Gun Dealers Gyms Hardware StoresHealth Clubs Hobby, Toy & Game Shops Home Furnishings Stores Home Supply Stores Household Appliance Stores Jewelry Stores Lawn & Garden Supply Liquor Stores Locksmiths Luggage & Leather Goods Mail Order Men's & Boys' Clothing & Accessory Stores Miscellaneous Retail Motorcycle Dealers Museums Musical Instrument Stores Nurseries Optical Goods Stores Outdoor Outfitters Paint, Glass, & Wallpaper Stores Pool Supply Piece Goods Stores Radio, Television & Consumer Record & Prerecorded Tape Stores Recreational Vehicle Dealers Retail Bakeries Retail Nurseries Schools - VoTech Shoe Stores Snack Shops Sporting Goods Stadium-Pro Shops Stationery Stores Supply Stores Sewing & Needlework Tennis Shops Tire Stores Tobacco Stores & Stands Variety Stores Weight Loss Centers Wine Dealers Women's Clothing Stores Women's Accessory & Specialty Stores Zoos

High Profile Clients

The Alamo, Texas
Bally Total Fitness
Detroit Tiger Stadium Pro Shops, Michigan
Hank Aaron Stadium, Atlanta
Oakland Raiders, California
Texas Motor Speedway, Texas
US Air Force Acadamy, Colorado
Hawaii Army Museum, Hawaii
Dreher Park Zoo, Florida
Emerald Point Water Park, North Carolina
Gold's Gym, Guam
Pep Boys, Pennsylvania
Ashley Avery Collectibles, Louisiana
Cookie Bouquet Franchise
University of New Zealand Bookstores, New Zealand
PGA National Resort & Spa, Florida
Wild Birds Unlimited, Tennessee
A World of Pets, New York
Bartlett's Ocean View Farm & Nursery, Massachusetts
Abitare Home Center, Moscow
Campbell's Soup Company, Nebraska
Centennial Liquors, Texas
American Embassies throughout the world
Sam Houston Monument, Texas
Carlsbad Caverns
Shrine Children's Hospital, Dallas
Williams and Kettle, New Zealand
Australian Embassy, New Delhi
Tennessee Visitor's Center, Chattanooga


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Email : [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-818-9855
FAX: 1-713-896-1100

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