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  Version 11.0 Enhancements
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Version 11.0 Enhancement Summary

Increased Usability Saves Time

Sage BusinessWorks for Windows® Version 11.0 is dramatically different than its predecessors. It now looks and acts like a Microsoft® Windows® 95 product! And, you can use it without having to run Windows 95. Version 11.0’s new user interface includes over 500 re-designed forms which conform to current Windows standards to make Sage BusinessWorks for Windows even easier to use. Ease of use means increased productivity with Sage BusinessWorks for Windows Version 11.0, you’ll be using your time more efficiently. Some of the time-saving Windows 95 user interface enhancements that you’ll find in Sage BusinessWorks Version 11.0 are:

  • Tooltips that explain each button’s function to help you learn the product quickly and easily
  • Hot keys for editing, inserting, deleting, accepting and clearing line item entries and more, to speed processing
  • Right mouse button support to allow you to access a "What’s This?" help tool, perform "smart" copying and pasting of addresses, launch a calendar, calculator, or a Sage BusinessWorks Task List indicating which Sage BusinessWorks options are currently in use

Expanded Capabilities To Increase Productivity

Version 11.0’s enhancements expand the capabilities of Sage BusinessWorks significantly. All were designed to assist you in increasing your level of productivity by providing faster and easier ways to perform processes and inquiries, and enhancing your exporting and reporting capabilities.

Sage BusinessWorks Version 11.0’s most significant productivity enhancements include:

  • Instant inquiry with drill down: When entering transactions in Sage BusinessWorks, you can now instantly query transactions that relate to selected account numbers, customers, vendors, parts, jobs or employees and drill down for more detailed information
  • Enhanced exporting capabilities: You can now integrate Sage BusinessWorks for Windows effortlessly with over 30 of the most popular business productivity applications like Word, Excel, Access, Quattro Pro, Paradox and more, to give you greater flexibility in analyzing the financial health of your business
  • Form printing: The printer configuration for each form printing operation is now automatically saved for the next use, eliminating the need to re-define a form’s size the next time it’s printed
  • "Auto-close" preference on report setups: You now have the ability, system-wide, to keep the report window active or close it when you generate reports
  • Appearance of reports: You can save your reports as Rich Text Format (RTF) documents in Sage BusinessWorks and then automatically launch and import them into word processors like Microsoft® Word to modify their appearance (i.e., font size, weight, etc.)

Saving report setups: You can now define each report’s setup and save it to eliminate re-defining the setup parameters the next time the report is printed.

Overview | General Ledger | Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Inventory Control & Purchasing
Order Entry | Payroll | Job Cost | Mailing Labels | System Requirements| Price List
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