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 Sage BusinessWorks Payroll

In addition to tracking important payroll information for employees, the Sage BusinessWorks Payroll module prepares time-consuming payroll reports and records including paychecks, W-2s and government reports. One of Payroll’s most important features is its ability to track tax liabilities and deposits.


General Features

  • Allows global changes to multiple employee records at the same time to expedite data entry
  • Maintains task codes to allocate payroll expense to multiple General Ledger accounts
  • Employee instant inquiry screen is available in all processing options
  • Allows instant inquiry of paychecks and the breakdown of each check for the calendar year
  • Tracks total dollars and hours on time card reports
  • Imports employee information from a text file
  • Allows importing of time card information
  • Exports payroll information in many formats including those for text files, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, Word and Access
  • Automatically posts to the general ledger and Job Cost modules
  • Integrates with Accounts Payable, allowing both Accounts Payable and Payroll to use the same checking account to aid in bank reconciliation

Maintenance Features

  • Maintains complete employee information, including pay rate, shift and filing status; accrued vacation and sick hours; dates of hire, review and termination; totals for earnings, deductions and taxes; and comments
  • Stores and displays images of your employees. Most standard graphic file types are supported including .pcx, .tif., .eps., .bmp, and .jpeg.
  • Quickly locates employees, job codes and General Ledger accounts with a search feature
  • Allows you to pay hourly, salaried, commissioned and piece rate employees
  • Provides weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay cycles
  • Provides predefined overtime, holiday pay, employee advances, draws, base pay and miscellaneous earnings
  • Tracks employee compensation ("comp") time
  • Allows SUI/SDI for an employee to be in a state different than their SWT state
  • Maintains complete payroll information for the current year

Deductions and Other Pays

  • Supports user defined deductions such as pension plans, deferred compensation plans and dependent care benefits
  • Allows for employee paid and company paid deductions
  • Workers' compensation deductions can be calculated using the base hourly pay, ignoring overtime and shift differentials
  • Deductions and other pays can be activated for specific time periods
  • Deductions, commissions and piece rates can be calculated from user defined tables
  • Provides other pay types for employee allowances, reimbursements and bonuses
  • Allocated tips can be accumulated as an other pay for reporting on W-2 forms
  • Provides deduction and other pay totals on the payroll register


  • Provides standard time cards for employees who get paid the same amount each period
  • Minimum wage adjustment feature adjusts pay if tips do not bring an employee up to minimum wage level
  • Can activate and turn off deductions and other pays during time card entry and handcheck entry
  • Allows after-the-fact payroll recording by using handchecks
  • Accounts for cash and charged tips
  • Generates payroll checks with fully detailed check stubs
  • Allows users to customize the body portion of payroll checks
  • Prints checks on a laser or dot matrix printer with stubs on top and bottom
  • Company-paid deductions and salaried hours can be listed on payroll check stub
  • Allows voiding of paychecks, handchecks or tax deposits
  • Permits checks to be voided individually or as part of a range
  • Permits electronic deposit of payroll to employees' bank accounts
  • Allows posting of wages and employer's overhead to Job Cost module


  • Includes tax tables for federal government, all 50 states and the District of Columbia which can be modified as needed
  • Calculates all federal and state taxes automatically
  • Keeps track of state and federal tax liabilities and deposits
  • Allows tracking of tax deposits by generating a tax deposit register for a given month or payroll run
  • Tax deposits can include penalty and overpayment amounts
  • Alerts you if you have a tax deposit liability to be paid
  • Prepares summary information for government reports (such as W-3, 940, 941)
  • Prints specific state tax reports for California and New Jersey
  • Prints tax deposit checks for 941, 940, SUI, and SDI
  • Prints W-2 forms after the close of the year
  • Creates magnetic media file of W-2 information as required by the Social Security Administration and most states

  • Employee Master List
  • Employee Name List
  • Employee Phone List
  • Employee Review List
  • Employee Direct Deposit List
  • Employee Earnings Summary
  • Employee Compensation History
  • Employee Vacation and Sick Pay
  • Employee Overtime
  • List of Standard Rates
  • Time Card Entries Report
  • Time Card Exceptions Report
  • Time Card Worksheet
  • Payroll Register
  • Check Register
  • List of Piece Rates
  • Piece Rate Totals
  • Piece Rate Period Activity
  • List of Commissions
  • Commission Totals
  • Commission Period Activity
  • List of Deductions
  • Deduction Totals
  • Deduction Period Activity
  • Workers' Compensation Report
  • List of Other Pays
  • Other Pay Totals
  • Other Pay Period Activity
  • List of Task Codes
  • Task Code Totals
  • Task Code Period Activity
  • Unemployment Worksheet
  • Worksheet
  • Information Report
  • State Tax Worksheet
  • California DE-6 and DE-7
  • New Jersey NJ-500 and WR-30
  • List of Tax Tables
  • Tax Deposit Register
  • Company Totals Report
  • Standard Rates List
  • Payroll Verification Report
  • Flash Report (summary of Payroll activity)
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Group

Maximum number of employees Unlimited
Number of characters in employee ID 12
Maximum number of vacation or sick pay hours 999.99
Number of standard pay cycles 4
Maximum number of departments 99
Number of overtime rates 3
Number of shift differentials 6
Maximum number of standard rates Unlimited
Maximum number of deductions Unlimited
Maximum number of workers' compensation codes 99
Maximum number of deductions per employee [in addition to standard federal and state tax calculations]
Number of deduction calculation methods 15
Maximum number of other pay types Unlimited
Maximum number of other pays per employee 8
Maximum number of commission types Unlimited
Maximum number of piece rates Unlimited
Maximum number of job codes Unlimited
Maximum hourly pay rate $999.99
Maximum number of entries on a time card 40
Number of time card earnings types 23
Maximum payroll check amount $9,999,999.99
Maximum deduction amount $99,999.99
Number of months to keep payroll checks Calendar year


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