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Currently available in version 12 for Windows® 95 and Windows 98,   Sage BusinessWorks offers award winning features designed to simplify virtually every area of business accounting. Ten fully integrated modules including: System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Purchasing, Order Entry, Payroll, Job Cost, Custom Office (Microsoft Office integration) and the Sage BusinessWorks/GoldMine Link module. Sage BusinessWorks’ built-in networking capabilities can support up to 48 concurrent users.  Additionally, Sage BusinessWorks provides a seamless integration with many industry leading business applications to provide your company with a complete business solution.


General Features

  • Accounting modules integrate or function as a stand alone (except Order Entry and Job Cost)
  • Multiple module close option permits speedy end-of-month closes with one key stroke
  • The convenient system-wide notepad feature tracks notes for accounts, customers, vendors, employees, parts and jobs at the click of a button
  • Includes online ZIP code list (over 42,000 ZIP codes) with a built-in editor
  • Inserts city and state abbreviations automatically upon ZIP code entry
  • Easily accesses other programs from within Sage BusinessWorks
  • MPop-up calendar and calculator available at the touch of a key
  • Instant inquiry provides status history and transaction detail
  • Search feature allows quick location of data from any lookup window
  • Extensive online help available at the touch of a key
  • Many of the informational and notification messages in Sage BusinessWorks can be turned off at the system or user level
  • Exports data using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, Comma-Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others

Multiple Users & Security

  • Built-in Backup and Restore lets you quickly and easily back up your important financial data to a floppy disk, Zip drive or to your hard drive
  • Supports single users and multiple users (up to 48 concurrent users) on networks
  • Allows full locking and simultaneous data access when running on a network
  • Controls access to company data with multilevel password protection
  • Maintains audit log of recent changes to data files including when customers, vendors, parts, etc. are added or deleted and the user who changed the record

Reporting Capabilities

  • Produces presentation quality reports that provide the flexibility of user-defined font types, sizes, styles (bold, underline, italic, all caps, etc.) and colors
  • Includes an easy to use, intuitive, built-in mini report writer to create simple custom reports
  • Over 25 graphical reports display financial data as a bar, line and pie graph
  • Report groups allow a series of reports to be set up and printed on command to save valuable time during the work day
  • Reports in all modules can be directed to the screen, printer or disk file or can be published to a word processor
  • Reports printed to the screen can be easily attached to an e-mail
  • Define and save report setups throughout the system to use as defaults for the future with the system wide Memorize feature


  • Forms (checks, statements, etc.) can be printed on a laser or dot matrix printer
  • The look of your forms as well as the data placement is in your control. All forms in Sage BusinessWorks, such as checks, invoices, quotes, sales orders, etc., can be customized including the font types, sizes, styles (bold, underline, italic, all caps, etc.) and colors.


  • Audit Report
  • Registration Report
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Group

Number of companies:


Number of users:


Number of passwords per user:


Number of workstation configurations:


Maximum simultaneous users on a network:


Maximum number of report groups:


Maximum number of reports in each group:


Maximum number of forms:


Maximum number of custom reports:



Currently available in Version 10.0 for DOS and Version 11.0 for Windows, Sage BusinessWorks is a modular system with seven modules plus a System Manager: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Purchasing, Order Entry, Payroll and Job Cost. Since most modules work "stand-alone," you can buy just the modules you need to get started, and add others as your company grows. All modules are integrated to work together. Sage BusinessWorks has a built-in networking capability to let you start with just one user and add users as needed. Multiple users can share data simultaneously.

If you're looking for an accounting package that just about anyone can use, provides extensive reports instantly, and can grow with your business, then Sage BusinessWorks software is for you. It's the Right First Choice for your growing business.

Sage BusinessWorks is an accounting package designed for people who would rather run their businesses than spend time trying to figure out how to use their accounting program. It's a comprehensive double-entry accounting system with exceptional power and flexibility. Sage BusinessWorks has been consistently rated number one because it's easy to learn and use.

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