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 Sage BusinessWorks Inventory Control

The Sage BusinessWorks Inventory Control and Purchasing module provides important information about each inventory item that would be practically impossible to obtain without a computer. In addition to keeping track of receipts, issues and adjustments, Sage BusinessWorks maintains complete information for parts, serial numbers and up to 99 warehouses. Inventory Control can even make order recommendations when the quantity of an item falls below a specified level.


General Features

  • Tracks back orders if used in conjunction with Order Entry module
  • Assigns parts to sales promotions for use with the Order Entry module
  • Provides complete physical inventory capabilities and makes the processes easy by providing worksheets and variance reports
  • Provides instant inquiry of part information including: receipts, issues, returns and adjustments
  • Imports part information from the Accounts Receivable module or from a text file
  • Can import pricing information for parts
  • Inventory Control information can be exported using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, Comma-Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others
  • Allows you to post charges to the Job Cost module
  • Automatically posts transactions to the General Ledger module

Maintenance Features

  • Tracks quantities and history for up to 99 user defined warehouses and provides a transfer option that allows parts to be easily moved between warehouses
  • Tracks serial numbers for parts and indicates when parts are received, reserved and issued out of inventory
  • Stores and displays images of your parts. Most standard graphic file types are supported including .pcx, .tif., .eps., .bmp, and .jpeg.
  • Provides four costing methods: Standard, Average, FIFO and LIFO
  • Maintains complete information for each inventory part, including on-hand backorder and on-order quantities, vendors, substitute items, components and transaction history for up to 60 months
  • Provides three lines of part description
  • Tracks minimum and maximum stocking levels for each part
  • Provides "model" parts for easy addition of new parts to inventory
  • Supports fractional costs, prices and quantities for stock and non-stock items
  • Provides five pricing methods (absolute, margin, markup, base and line) for each part and allows price differences by customer type (for example, retail or wholesale) and quantity of items purchased
  • Quickly locates parts, product lines, purchase orders, accounts payable vendors and general ledger accounts with a search feature
  • Maintains location names to be used as part bin/locations
  • Product lines allow classification of parts on inventory reports as well as determines the general ledger posting
  • Allows 5 user-defined product categories to be assigned to parts to further describe parts (i.e. by size, style, color, etc.)
  • Up to five substitute parts can be assigned for each inventory part
  • Allows global changes to multiple part records at the same time to expedite data entry
  • Permits pricing information for parts to be updated automatically through the global price change option
  • Vendor supply list shows vendors and manufacturers' part numbers for each part
  • Component use list shows which assemblies use a particular component
  • Tracks sales promotions

Processing Features

  • "Builds" components into finished items with the subassembly option: automatically adds built parts to inventory and removes components from stock
  • "Unbuilds" or "unpacks" assembled parts: automatically adds components to stock and removes the on hand quantity of the finished items
  • Automatically accesses vendor information in the Accounts Payable module and can add new vendors "on the fly"
  • Allows adjustment of inventory costs after parts have been received
  • Allows entry of receipts, issues, returns and adjustments

Purchase Order Features

  • Tracks purchase orders
  • Allows comments and non-stock items on purchase orders
  • Accounts payable invoices can be posted in inventory control at the time purchase orders are received
  • Provides the ability to copy purchase orders
  • Allows purchase order fields to be disabled to customize purchase order entry
  • Allows purchase orders to be edited, printed and reprinted at any time
  • Prints purchase orders on laser and dot matrix printers
  • Allows cancellation of all or a portion of a purchase order
  • Automatic purchase order option generates purchase orders to primary vendors based on order recommendations
  • Receives partial purchase orders
  • Accounts payable vendors and parts may be added "on the fly" in the purchase order option
  • Returns can be posted via the purchase order returns option

Reporting Capabilities

  • Recommends parts to order on the Order Recommendation Report
  • Sorts reports by part number, part description, vendor, product line or bin location
  • Numerous inventory reports provided to analyze inventory performance and help control your inventory investment
  • Master Parts List
  • Price List
  • Cost List
  • Substitute Part List
  • Component Use List
  • Subassembly List
  • Vendor Supply List
  • Vendor Report
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Closed Purchase Order Report
  • Past Due Purchase Order Report
  • On Hand Report
  • On Order Report
  • Overstock Report
  • Low Stock Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Inventory Performance Report
  • Transaction Summary Report
  • Margin Analysis Report
  • Inventory ABC Analysis Report
  • Order Recommendation Report
  • Transaction Detail Report
  • Receipts Transaction Register
  • List of Product Lines
  • Issues Transaction Register
  • Adjustments Transaction Register
  • Returns Transaction Register
  • Receipt Adjustment Transaction Register
  • Physical Inventory Worksheet
  • Physical Inventory Variance Report
  • Bin Ticket
  • List of Promotions
  • List of Locations
  • Pick List
  • Flash Report (summary of Inventory Control and Purchasing activity)
  • On Hand Serialized Inventory Report
  • Receipts Serialized Inventory Report
  • Issues Serialized Inventory Report
  • Returns Serialized Inventory Report
  • Warehouse Stock Report
  • Graphical Report - On Hand Value
  • Graphical Report - Cost and Profit
  • Graphical Report - On Hand Value Highlight
  • Graphical Report - YTD Cost of Goods Sold
  • Graphical Report - YTD Sales Highlight
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Groups

Maximum number of parts

Number of characters in part number 12
Maximum number of components per part 500
Number of substitutes per part 5
Number of vendors per part 3
Number of costing methods 4
Number of pricing methods 4
Number of price levels (by customer type) 3
Number of quantity price break levels 5
Number of product categories 5
Maximum quantity per part 9,999,999
Maximum cost per part $9,999,999.99
Maximum price per part $9,999,999.99
Maximum decimal places in part quantities 3
Maximum decimal places for costs 4
Maximum decimal places for prices 4
Maximum number of purchase orders Unlimited
Number of characters in purchase order ID 8
Maximum number of lines on purchase order 99
Maximum number of product lines Unlimited
Maximum number of warehouses 99
Maximum number of sales promotions 99
Maximum number of months to keep history 60
Tracks serialized inventory Yes
Maximum number of months to keep serial number history 60
Number of characters in serial number 26
Maximum number of serial numbers per part 5000
Maximum number of transactions Unlimited
Number of characters in transaction description 20
Number of characters in bin location 10
Number of characters in manufacturer's part number 20
Maximum number of months to post into the past 12
Maximum number of months to post into the future 1


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