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 Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable

Sage BusinessWorks' Accounts Payable module helps manage a company's expenditures. In addition to maintaining information for vendors, the Accounts Payable module stores, sorts and organizes information concerning vendor business transactions.


General Features

  • Provides current and calculated balances for all A/P cash accounts
  • Provides instant inquiry of vendor information including invoices, debit memos, credit memos and application of open credits while in any processing option
  • Allows quick location of vendors and general ledger accounts with a search feature
  • Permits vendor information to be imported from a text file
  • Allows importing of invoices and adjustments
  • Accounts payable information can be exported using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, Comma-Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others
  • Automatically posts to general ledger
  • Integrates with Sage BusinessWorks Job Cost and Inventory Control modules

Maintenance Features

  • Maintains complete vendor information, including e-mail address, remit address and purchase order address, month- and year-to-date purchase totals, 12 month purchase history, year to date 1099 purchases and last payment
  • G/L expense, accounts payable and discount accounts can be defined on a vendor-by-vendor basis
  • New vendors and general ledger accounts can be added "on the fly" during transaction entry
  • Allows global changes to multiple vendor records at the same time to expedite data entry
  • Optionally includes credit detail on accounts payable checks
  • Optionally prints one check for each invoice paid
  • Supports printing checks on a dot matrix or laser printer
  • Allows flexible payment terms, including number of days, day of month, end of month and end of next month
  • Payment terms can be maintained and assigned to a vendor or determined during invoice entry

Processing Features

  • Provides full bank reconciliation that includes the ability to clear a range of checks
  • Tracks credit card purchase and purchase history when a credit card is used to pay a vendor.
  • Lets specific vendors and/or invoices be placed on payment hold
  • Allows automatic distribution of invoices to multiple accounts via expense allocation tables
  • Tracks discount dates, amounts and due dates
  • Ability to set up recurring accounts payable invoices
  • Tracks vendor credits as open credits or as negative invoices
  • Prepaid invoices can be entered with check information
  • Allows invoices to be automatically or manually selected for payment


  • Allows partial payment of invoices
  • Allows entry of handwritten checks
  • Enter a manual check as voided in one step
  • Generates checks with either detailed or summary payment stubs
  • Allows check printing for vendors and non-vendors without posting an invoice
  • Tracks wasted checks
  • Allows checks to be voided individually or as part of a range
  • Non-vendor checks may be reprinted

Reporting Capabilities

  • Prints 1099 MISC forms
  • Aging periods are user-defined
  • Aging and open invoice reports can be produced "as of" any date
  • Prints the aging report by invoice date or due date
  • Aging Report
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • General Ledger Reconciliation Report
  • Vendor List
  • Vendor Name List
  • Vendor History Report
  • List of Recurring Invoices
  • Detail Report
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Summary Aging Report
  • Discount Analysis Report
  • Payment Selection Report
  • Purchases Journal
  • Adjustments Journal
  • Check Register
  • Handcheck Register
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Bank Transactions Report
  • Bank Deposit Report
  • General Ledger Distribution Report
  • Worksheet
  • Flash Report (summary of Accounts Payable activity)
  • Graphical Report - Aging
  • Graphical Report - Purchase History
  • Graphical Report - Vendor Purchase Highlight
  • Graphical Report - Vendor Balance Highlight
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Groups

Maximum number of vendors Unlimited
Maximum vendor balance $99,999,999.99
Number of characters in vendor ID 12
Maximum number of current invoices per vendor 3000
Maximum number of recurring invoices per vendor 100
Maximum amount per invoice $9,999,999.99
Number of characters in invoice number 12
Number of characters in invoice reference 12
Maximum number of transactions Unlimited
Maximum number of months to keep history 60
Maximum distribution accounts per transaction 20
Maximum number of expense allocation tables 99
Number of payment terms 99
Number of cash accounts 9
Number of digits in check number 6
Number of distributions accounts on an Instant Check 20
Maximum number of invoices per check Unlimited
Maximum amount per check $9,999,999.99
Maximum number of months to post into the past 12
Maximum number of months to post into the future 1


Overview | General Ledger | Accounts Receivable | Inventory Control & Purchasing |
Order Entry | Payroll | Job Cost | Mailing Labels | Version 11.0 Enhancements
System Requirements | Price List
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