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Sage BusinessWorks—The Right First Choice

Welcome to Sage BusinessWorks accounting software! It’s an accounting package designed for people who would rather run their businesses than spend time trying to learn their accounting system. Sage BusinessWorks software is a comprehensive double-entry accounting system with exceptional power and flexibility. It has been consistently rated number one because it’s easy to learn and to use.

Currently available in Version 10.0 for DOS and Version 11.0 for Windows, Sage BusinessWorks is a modular system with seven modules plus a System Manager: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Purchasing, Order Entry, Payroll and Job Cost. Since most modules work "stand-alone," you can buy just the modules you need to get started, and add others as your company grows. All modules are integrated to work together. Sage BusinessWorks has a built-in networking capability to let you start with just one user and add users as needed. Multiple users can share data simultaneously.

Sage BusinessWorks offers award-winning features designed to simplify virtually every area of business accounting — features like these that can increase your efficiency and productivity:

  • An almost unlimited number of customers, vendors, parts and employees (limited only by available disk storage space) means that Sage BusinessWorks was designed to accommodate the growth of your company
  • Flexible, full-featured reporting lets you quickly see just the information you want while filtering out other data
  • Instant inquiry with drill down helps you locate and review transactions related to selected account numbers, customers, vendors, parts, jobs or employees and then drill down to the source of those transactions for more detailed information (Version 11.0 for Windows)
  • A search capability allows you to easily locate customers, vendors, employees, etc. by quickly and easily matching user-defined information, eliminating the need to remember a long list of I.D. numbers
  • A printable and searchable Notepad lets you track the activity of specific customers, vendors, parts, etc. by attaching notes to them; it provides you with sales and lead tracking, Accounts Receivable collection tracking and lets you log purchasing, employee and General Ledger account information
  • You can set up your Chart of Accounts from scratch or copy one of the many sample Charts of Accounts that Sage BusinessWorks provides for different business types
  • A flexible Chart of Accounts allows you to set up your account structure the way you want; you can create subtotal accounts and consolidation accounts in addition to posting accounts, to customize your financial statements
  • Multiple company and department accommodation lets you create up to 99 companies and 99 departments, depending on your available disk storage space; you can then create financial statements for each company and each department
  • Sage BusinessWorks maintains complete audit trails to provide you with a detail Journal Report including all journal entries for all 9 Sage BusinessWorks journals
  • Comprehensive, award-winning on-line help lets you look up almost any topic related to Sage BusinessWorks and references user manuals for further detail
  • Automatic protection allows recovery from computer interruptions so you won’t lose important data
  • Integration with over 30 of the most popular business productivity applications like Word, Excel, Access, Quattro� Pro, Paradox (Version 11.0 for Windows) lets you turn Sage BusinessWorks data into information to analyze your company’s financial health
  • A user interface conforms to current Windows standards to make Sage BusinessWorks for Windows even easier to use (Version 11.0 for Windows)

If you’re looking for an accounting system that just about anyone can use, provides extensive reports instantly,and can grow with your business, then Sage BusinessWorks software is for you. It’s the Right First Choice in computerized accounting!

Sage BusinessWorks Modules and Network Extensions

System Requirements

Sage BusinessWorks 10.0 for DOS

  • IBM 386/12 PC or compatible with 640K of memory. If expanded memory is available, Sage BusinessWorks for DOS will take advantage of it.
  • 3-1/2" 1.44 MB disk drive
  • Hard disk with 15 MB free disk space
  • MS-DOS 3.3 or higher
  • Monochrome gray scale or color monitor (with a CGA, EGA, or VGA video card)
  • 80-column printer or laser printer
  • Sage BusinessWorks System Manager

    Networks Supported for DOS

  • Novell 3.11 or higher
  • LANtastic 4.0 or higher

Sage BusinessWorks 11.0 for Windows System Requirements

  • All requirements are the same as for DOS with the following exceptions:
  • IBM 386/12 PC or compatible with 640K of memory (486SX25 recommended)
  • 4 MB memory (8 MB recommended)
  • Hard disk with 25 MB free disk space
  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95
  • Color VGA monitor or better
  • Mouse or pointing device is highly recommended

Networks Supported for Windows

  • Novell 3.11 or higher
  • LANtastic 5.0 or higher (Windows 3.1 only)
  • LANtastic for Windows 95
  • Windows 95
  • Window for Workgroups 3.11 or higher
  • Windows NT� (Version 11.0 only)

System Wide Features

  • Specifications
  • Number of companies Unlimited
  • Number of users Unlimited
  • Number of passwords per user 100
  • Number of workstation configurations 99
  • Number of printers per workstation* 4
  • Number of months of transaction history kept 24*
  • Maximum simultaneous users on a network 48
  • * Except Payroll


  • Accounting modules work together or by themselves (except Order Entry and Job Cost; however Job Cost DOS can work stand alone)
  • Supports single users and multiple users (up to 48) on networks
  • Allows full locking and simultaneous data access when running on a network
  • Extensive on-line help available at the touch of a key
  • Controls access to company data with multilevel password protection
  • Keeps notes on accounts, customers, employees, etc. with a pop-up Notepad
  • Transaction rollback recovers data after computer interruptions
  • Checkpointing warns you if data files have been corrupted or incorrectly restored
  • Programs and data can be installed in user-defined directories
  • Supports monochrome and color displays (DOS only)
  • Screen colors can be user-defined
  • Lookup windows list information (accounts, customers, etc.) for input
  • Instant inquiry provides status history and transactional detail
  • Browsing capability for files and directories when accessing disk files
  • Search feature allows quick location of data
  • Movable windows have an automatic memory feature that retains location of calculators, calenders and show windows for each user (DOS only)
  • Allows up to four printers to be assigned to one work station (DOS only)
  • Allows user-defined control strings with printer setup (DOS only)
  • Prints reports (to a printer or a file) directly from screen reports
  • Prints from screen directly to a word processor (Windows only)
  • Prints forms through drivers to take advantage of Windows print manager and Postscript printers
  • Date ranges can be specified for most period reports
  • Reports in all modules can be directed to the screen, printers or disk file
  • You can define and save report setups throughout the system to use as defaults for the future
  • Specifies file and path names for reports when directed to a file
  • Extensive on-screen reporting includes complete access to entire report, frozen headings, user-defined bookmarks, word search capabilities and direct access to specific page numbers
  • Allows filters to be used for reports and data exporting to further specify the selection criteria
  • Optionally prints company phone and fax numbers on forms
  • Prints optional date and time on reports
  • Forms (checks, statements, etc.) can be printed on a laser printer
  • Multiple module close option permits speedy end-of-month closes with one key stroke
  • Allows communication over the network with a built-in mail message system to other Sage BusinessWorks users
  • Allows priority messages (with user alert) when running on a network
  • Can select which modules will appear on the main menu on each workstation
  • Maintains audit log of recent changes to data files
  • Provides a rebuild log of changed/deleted information after rebuild process has been performed
  • Permits use of international money and date formats
  • Includes on-line ZIP code list (over 42,000 ZIP codes) with a built-in editor
  • Inserts city and state abbreviations automatically upon ZIP code entry
  • Easily accesses other programs from the Sage BusinessWorks menu (DOS only)
  • Pop-up calendar and calculator available at the touch of a key
  • Converts data from ASCII and to Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, Comma Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others


  • Audit Report
  • Registration Report

Overview | General Ledger | Accounts Receivable | Accounts Payable | Order Entry |
Inventory Control & PurchasingJob Cost | Payroll | Mailing Labels | System Requirements |
Version 11.0 Enhancements | Price List


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