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Price Quote - CAP Automation

Please enter all of the information requested.  Be sure to include your valid email address so we may respond quickly to your request.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee Policy

Check out our prices. You'll find that they are the lowest available. Our overhead is very low and we keep our selling costs down by promoting our products on the Internet - an extremely cost efficient way to make them available to you. No expensive four color ads in magazines...no fancy direct mail pieces and expensive postage...just this informative Web site.

We keep our costs down and pass the savings along to you. And we guarantee that we will not be beat in price.

If you show us a valid, publicly advertised offer for one of the products we sell that is less expensive than our price up to thirty days after your purchase, we will meet or beat that price. Period.

We will discount SellWise 50% when you trade in your existing retail, point-of-sale software.

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Please tell us what modules you'd like.  Select all that apply. 

Description   Price
SellWise (Download any as SellWise)    
SellWise Single User* $1995.00
SellWise Add One User* $400.00
SellWise Update* $200.00
Cash 'n Carry (Download any as Cash 'n Carry)    
Cash 'n Carry Single User* $995.00
Cash 'n Carry Add One User* $250.00
Cash 'n Carry Update* $100.00
CAP Accountant* $495.00
Options for SellWise and Cash 'n Carry    
Test Drive* $25.00
SAFE (Backup For Networks) $500.00
SW Vary Stock Variance Program* $295.00
CAP Commun Hub (requires store) $495.00
CAP Commun Store $295.00
Accounting Link $395.00
Access Link (MS Access) $99.00
POS Single $295.00
POS Network (Unlimited Users) $495.00
Update $50.00
Quick Register* $49.95
Quick Check* $49.95

Which version/operating system would you like?   Select only one.

Windows95    Windows98/NT     Client/Server

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Email : [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-818-9855
FAX: 1-713-896-1100

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